How to make a gravity forms form

After login into Dashboard, go to Forms -> Forms to locate all the forms. Click on any one of them to edit. You can set them active/inactive also.

To edit any form click on ‘Edit’ after hovering over them.

To create a new form go to Forms -> New Form and then you will see a popup window to enter your form name and form description. After entering form name & description click on ‘Create Form’ button to create the new form.

After clicking on the Create Form button you will see your new form to edit. You will also find a guided instructions there on how to add fields, edit field options, positioning them and saving them.

Adding a field: Click on any Field button from the right panel to add them to your form. After clicking them you will get that field added to your form. Click on that field to edit that field.

After adding a field you click on ‘Update’ button save your form.

To delete or remove your form click on ‘Move to Trash’.