Thank you for using Webhook Support.

Here are some instructions for getting setup with your PPC website.


Each account is setup with a WordPress installation on a VPS under a unique account per EDA.

We manually deploy each account. A ticket is required in order to get approval from PPC HQ.

A demo site can be seen here:


  1. Open a ticket at or email
  2. Include your EDA name
  3. Include contact person information (name, email, phone)
  4. Include your domain name
  5. We will reply with steps to connect the domain name to the site
  6. If you purchased the domain name on just let us know
  7. Purchase the “Site Setup & Hosting” here:

When HQ approves the setup (usually in 24-48 hours) we will deploy the site and update the ticket with your login information.

Editing The Website

Tutorials on how to edit common parts of WordPress and the PPC theme can be found here: